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Tree Planting and Removal Services

At Platinum Care Landscaping, we offer a full spectrum of tree services, including expert tree planting and removal. Whether you wish to enrich your landscape with new trees or need to address a hazardous tree, our skilled team is equipped to handle both tree planting and removal services with precision and care.

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Transform Your Outdoor Oasis

Tree Planting

Adding trees to your landscape can transform the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor space. Our tree planting services are designed to create a harmonious blend of nature and design, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property.


Our team of knowledgeable professionals can assist you in choosing the perfect tree species that complement your landscape and meet your preferences. We consider factors such as soil type, sunlight exposure, and maintenance requirements to ensure the best possible growth and long-term health of the trees.


We employ industry best practices to ensure the successful establishment of the new trees. Our tree planting process involves proper soil preparation, correct planting depth, and optimal spacing to give your trees the best chance to thrive.


Tree Removal

We understand the importance of well-maintained trees in adding charm to your landscape. Our precise tree trimming techniques shape your trees, giving them a balanced and visually appealing appearance that complements the overall design of your property.


While trees are valuable assets to your landscape, there are instances when tree removal becomes necessary. Whether a tree is diseased, damaged, or poses a safety hazard, our team is proficient in handling tree removal with utmost care and safety.

Our experienced tree removal specialists prioritize safety throughout the entire process. We use advanced techniques and equipment to safely remove trees, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding structures and landscapes.

Contact us today to discuss your tree planting and removal needs. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional tree services that enhance the beauty, safety, and overall health of your landscape. With Platinum Care Landscaping, your trees will be in caring hands, ensuring a thriving and picturesque outdoor environment.

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